Friday, April 4, 2008

Celebrity Weight Obsession

How do you think Renee Zellweger does it? She looks rexi skinny as ever.

Can Brittany Murphy turn her body to side any further? What in the world is she wearing? Her face used to be so cute.

Naomi Watts looks a little unkempt here with a possible few extra pounds?

So great to see Salma Hayek taking her time to lose her weight slowly.

You may not realize this, but Sharon Stone's weight actually fluctuates quite often. When she is on the red carpet, she is substantially thinner than she is here.

I don't usually post stories on men, but Jason Davis has obviously lost some weight recently. Let's hope it does it the natural way - eating healthy and exercising.

Kellie Pickler is also another one that yo-yos with her weight. She looks to be a couple of pounds heavier here, but looks fabulous.

What's the deal with Mariah Carey and short cropped jacket with long T-shirt sticking out with leggings? Is this like the only look that she thinks makes her look thinner?

Healthy and pretty Mandy Moore.

Rexi skinny model Hana Soukupova.

Whatever Isla Fischer is doing is definitely working for her because she is positively glowing.

I love Jennifer Aniston at any weight.

Back to being rexi skinny, Kate Bosworth. She said that she lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago because a close relative died and that how she's tired of people always worrying about her weight. I know one sure fire way to stop all the speculation - start eating and gaining some weight Ms. Bosworth.

Some days Kate Moss looks great, but today she looks a little haggard.

Amy Winehouse rexi skinny still.

Brooke Burke looks great for having just given birth less than four weeks ago. Love her dress. By the way, she finally named her son Shaya.

Courtney Cox Arquette looks about the same weight wise. Be on the alert for flannel shirts. They are coming back in.

My mom had had this dress. I like Christina Ricci, but I hope she has really overcome her anorexia disorder.

Is Ellen Pompeo back to being rexi skinny?

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