Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Celebrity Magazine Covers

Either photoshop whittled Rachel Weisz's body to rexi skinny or she really is that thin!

Rachel Weisz is definitely one of the many Hollywood moms who have gotten a lot thinner since giving birth.

I'm not a huge fan of Rachel Weisz, but she does look pretty here.

When did Beyonce Knowles get so pasty white? Rumors are running rampant that she will marry her long time boyfriend Jay-Z. Maybe it will be just as true as the Brangelina marriage rumors?

Again, I ask, why is Chloe Sevigny famous?

What happened to Sophie Monk's face?

Madonna recently said that she looks THIS good because she works out and eats rightly. She doesn't want to stay home and get fat and that she likes to work out three hours a day. Wow. Talk about obsession. Or is it addiction?

While I do give Madonna credit for taking good care of herself, I'm guessing she can lay off on the work outs?

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