Monday, February 25, 2008

My Fave In Jeans

Rachel McAdams wearing the trendy red plaid, but what's the deal with the hat?

Drew Barrymore with her recent love, Justin Long. I like her style a lot because it looks effortless and very comfortable. She's probably a hopeless romantic as well because even though her choices of men are questionable, she stays with the same man for a while.

With a body like Giselle Bundchen, she looks good in anything.

Lose the rubber boots, Famke Jansen.

My Fave: I like the crop jacket look with jeans on Kristen Bell. Is Dax Shephard freakishly tall or what?

Kelly Rowland is totally working the high-waisted jeans, but I'm not feeling the 80s shiny blazer.

Mila Kunis gets some air with Macauley Caulkin.

Natalie Portman and her shiny boots.

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