Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Celebrity weight is a fun topic for me because I can't help but laugh at all the "diets" that magazines try to sell with their weight stories. I include them in my post because it is FUN.

Salma Hayek looks pretty darn good for having given birth not long ago. Sassy outfit.

Skin and blones Victoria Beckham. I think she's showing off her skeletal abs.

Can you believe Whitney Houston looks this good?

Wearing red pants to match her new dyed hair - Ashlee Simpson. You can't tell in this picture, but she's pretty thin.

Ugly color dress on Ashlee Simpson, but I think the red hair works for her.

Pink looks about the same here with her weight although I find it hilarious that she's so glammed up!

It's unfortunate that Reese Witherspoon chose to wear this outfit because it's not flattering on her at all. The bermuda shorts are a tad too long.

Rumer Willis is back on the skinny wagon again.

What's NOT wrong with Rumer Willis in this picture?

Shakira's body and scenic background should remind us all to take a break and relax!

Matthew Perry has put on a few.

If Keira Knightley hates it when people accuse of her of anorexia, she should stop wearing dresses that accentuate her thinness. She also claims to hate yoga and working out at the gym.

This outfit is a lot better on Keira Knightley. I do believe that is a smile on her face.

Nicole Richie looks smoking hot for a new mama.

Way to show off those assets, Nicole Richie!

I have no idea if this picture was photoshopped or not of Francis Bean Cobain (Courtney Love's daughter with Kurt Cobain).

Everybody, this is what a size 2 looks like...Jennifer Love Hewitt.

I do believe that Kate Hudson looks to have gained a few here.

I do hope Lily Allen takes time to grieve her miscarriage.

Madonna needs to take a break from working out. Rumor has it that she "kicks" everybody out of the gym she works out at in New York so that she can be alone. Seriously? Doesn't she have enough money to own her own gym?

Beyonce looks thinner here.

Oh, Britney! Please get some help. If news of Brad Renfro and Health Ledger's "accidental" deaths are not warnings for her and other celebrities, I don't know what are!

Christina Aguilera doesn't look half bad for having given birth not long ago.

Wow - Janet Jackson has slimmed down even more!

I do believe Jenna Jameson looks a tad healthier.

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