Monday, February 25, 2008

Black Dresses at the Oscars

Did Tilda Swinton drape herself in a black satin sheet and call it a dress?

Plain and boring in black, Amy Ryan.

I haven't watched Juno yet, so I don't get all the rage about Ellen Page.

Gettin rexi skinny, Kristin Chenoweth. I love this dress. Very different.

Samantha Harris and her peek-a-boo legs.

TLC's What Not to Wear's Stacy London. She did the dress right. I also love this show, but she's a little crazy and mean.

I can't believe Jennifer Garner picked a dress that's not boring.

Johnny Depp and his partner, Vanessa Paradis. Good thing she's not smiling.

Hilary Swank alone on the red carpet? Her dress is okay, I guess.

I dont' like this dress on Penelope Cruz because the bottom looks like it was attached at the last minute.

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