Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Is it me or has Serena Williams been looking good lately? She also seems to be slimmer.

What a shame to waste all that money on getting your body back to hiding it under sweats - Britney Spears.

Ashlee Simpson looks the same weight wise. Slimmer but not overly so.

Eva Longoria looks so tiny next to her ginormous husband, Tony Parker.

Has Heidi Klum gained some weight? Nah, she's in her ski attire.

Looking thinner than usual - Nikki Hilton.

I believe Naomi Watts still has some baby weight to lose, but it is so good to see that she's doing it the slow way.

Rebecca Gayheart looks like she's gained a few pounds here. You can see it visibly in her arms.

Gaining some of the weight she lost recently and adding an ugly wig - Rumer Willis.

Salma Hayek looks great for having given birth not l ong ago.

Ali Larter continues to whittle down.

Why is no one intervening on behalf of Amy Winehouse?

Has Jennifer Hudson gained some weight recently?

Showing off her size 2 body - Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Kelly Clarkson has definitely gained weight since she won American Idol.

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