Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is A Size 2

I'm sure everyone in the blogosphere world has seen Jennifer Love Hewitt in her bikini by now, but she has since said that she's "being a size 2 is not fat." Is this woman delusional? Either that or her stylist cut out all her clothes and put a size 2 on it. There is no way she's a size 2.

She may be able to fit into a size 2 top, but she's got to be at least a 8 (more like a 10) on the bottom.

She unfortunately has a "pear size" body, so she will always be "bottom heavy." What do you all think? Is she a size 2?

1 comment:

Liebez said...

Size 2 my ass!! I'm a size 6 and I'm half her! yeah I'm also 7 inches taller...