Saturday, November 24, 2007

Paris Hilton Infects Shanghai, China!

Not sure where this was taken, but I am totally feeling this dress. Check out her phone. Ridiculous!

China is one of those countries that welcomes anybody, so it's no surprise that Paris Hilton is in Shanghai this week. But, watch out because she will infect this country of 1.3 billion people. What in the world is she wearing here?

I guess this dress is okay, but Shanghai is really cold right now. Where is her coat?

Can this "qipao" (traditional Chinese dress) be hugging her any tighter?

No, not at tight as this one that she's trying on. I'm sure she's at the real department store instead of the silk alleys that sells all the knockoffs for a fraction of the price.

How sweet that she's wearing sister Nikki's line (this one is from Nicole Richie's baby shower).

Two many different patterns here for my taste. Seriously, it's really cold in Shanghai and that's all she's wearing? She's walking around the Yu Garden.

I'm all for comfort when flying, but can she at least match? Or not clash?

I think Paris may have eaten one too many "xiao long bao" (little dumplings) because she looks to have gained a few pounds.

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