Friday, November 23, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Isla Fischer looks darn good for having just delivered a baby not long ago. I hope she will take the time to lose the rest of it.

Piper Perabo is odd looking and a little thinner.

So I finally watched American Pie I and II and I have to say they are incredibly stupid! Tara Reid lost a lot of weight from I to II. Here she is showing off her "II" body.

Vanessa Marcil and son Kassius (with Brian Austin Green of 90210) looking rextremely thin.

I guess the pregnancy rumors can be laid to rest because I see no bump whatsoever on Vanessa Minillo.

Looking saggy in jeans - Julia Roberts.

Besides picking up Victoria Beckham's hairstyle, she also took on her rextremely thin body.

I thought Lily Allen was supposed to be on her hynosis diet.

Mariah Carey is in denial about her weight.

Ali Larter has definitely gotten thinner because she's comfortable enough to wear this to picket.

Looking yet again healthier, Amy Winehouse. I would never let my daughter look up to someone like her let alone have hair like hers.

It must suck to have old age and weight sneak up on you - Cindy Crawford.

Original Rextremely Thin Queen doing her good deed of the year - Calista Flockhart.

Must be martial bliss because I've never seen Ellen Pompeo look healthier or happier. Of course it's hard to see under that ginormous sweater, but she's smiling at least.

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