Saturday, November 17, 2007

Random Fashion Post

Here is Keira Knightley on the movie set. Not a fan of Ms. Knight because she sounds really arrogant. Maybe she should get together with Justin Timberlake who is just as arrogant if not more.

Interesting ensemble on Kate Walsh. Are her pants really that long? She would have looked so much cuter with a wide red belt around her long shirt.

Nicole Scherzinger proves that not everybody who goes solo succeeds.

Petra Nemcova looks so much like a school girl here. I've seen jeans rolled up but never on denim skirt. Not sure how I feel about this look.

Eva Longoria's dress is all right, but I love her sandals. Is L.A. really that warm right now? I'm freezing here in China.

Elle McPherson is like a chameleon in fashion. One minute she's Hollywood glamour and the next she's punk rock.

I don't know if Glenn Close has had any plastic surgery, but she looks good. Her quirky fashion sense is WAY better than Diane Keaton.

Heidi Klum, as usual looks flawless.

Alicia Keys wearing Kim Kardashian signature dress - skin tight.

Christina Milian wears this top with tights but Eva Longoria wore it as a dress recently.

Eve and Dita von Teese together somehow looks odd.

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