Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Fave Dress

It's a good thing Vanessa Carlton is flat chested because she would have definitely had a little mishap wearing this dress.

My Fave: Eva Mendes and Petra Nemcova both look amazing here, but I'm totally into the Grecian dress on Petra.

Lucy Liu works the long dress even though she's not very tall.

Maria Menounos glitters in gold. Great idea with the black in the middle.

Michelle Moynahan looks good in this dress even though she's a bit on the rextremely thin side.

Sharon Stone looks good here for once. She's been so rough looking lately.

What in the world is on Teri Hatcher's hem line?

Many people are blogging that Becky Newton aka Ugly Betty's fiesty secretary Amanda is too thin, but I think she looks great the way she is here. Her dress reminds me of something a grandmother would make for a Christmas tree skirt.

Cindy Crawford looks amazing. Janice Dickenson and all others who are trying so hard to hold onto their youth should take notes from her.

Ever since Emmy Rossum gained some much needed weight, she has been looking absolutely gorgeous in her dresses.

Poor Julianne Moore - wearing a tablecloth as a dress and looks like she could barely walk with her shoulders strapped together.

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