Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dresses Galore!

Looking for a fun dress for a casual date night? Ashlee Simpson looks cute and modest in this striped gray/black dress. A different but classy look I must say for Miss Simpson.

Looking for a fun white and long summer dress to stroll around or just to put over your bikini for the hot summer heat? Britney Spears might have picked the right dress, but the hair and cigarette on hand is kind of a big turn off.

Cindy Crawford looks pretty beat down right here, but she's looking good for a woman at age 41. I'm not sure I like the colors on her dress, and this style is hard to pull off if you have any fat rolls on your body.

Looks like marriage agrees with Mrs. Tony Parker. Eva Longoria looks fresh and dare I say sweet in this smocked waisted blue dress. The shade is a tad off the royal blue, but the style is flattering.

Even this dress is a blast from the 80s, Giselle Bundchen pulls it off well by adding a belt to this outfit. But what's with the frown?

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