Friday, July 20, 2007

Wide-Legged Jeans: I Want One!

Rachel Bilson looking super cute in this wide-legged jeans outfit. I have been on a search hunt for these for several months now and can't seem to find one (I live in Asia, so I can't just go out to the mall and buy one). Love the blazer look with these jeans.

On the other hand, Jamie-Lynn Siegler looks a little frumpy in her wide-legged jeans (even though the jeans look is still super cute). Again, the white top is too loose to wear with these jeans (I actually think the top is too big for her). Because the bottom of the jeans are wide, the top should be a little more fitted to give you some shape to a body. Just as a side note, but doesn't Jamie-Lynn look like she's packed on a few extra pounds? She's not fat by any means.

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