Sunday, December 16, 2007

Random Fashion Post

Probably the richest and most influential TV personality - Oprah Winfrey. That's one ugly dress.

I love colorful shoes - Nikki Hilton.

Madonna is channelling Angelina Jolie in all black.

Sienna Miller's boots look like they belong on an elf.

Now those shoes are made for walking - Sienna Miller.

Katherine McPhee is almost always pictures with a smile.

I kinda like this outfit on the jobless Mischa Barton.

Maggie Grace is sophisticated.

The Latina Craze is official as they put Lyndsey Rodriguez as the new MTV TRL host.

Jenny McCarthy looks great with a wide belt over a sweater.

What's the deal with Joely Fischer? She looks a lot thinner but also kinda constipated.

Love Kate Beckinsale's purse, but this outfit is a little too young for her 30 something years to wear.

Kristen Bell's character on Heroes is getting a tad better, but her acting is not that great.

All Katherine Heigl needs is a trailer to hop into the complete the picture of trailer trash.

Scarf and shorts are opposing seasons - Fergie.

I had my hair like this ten years ago - Gwen Stefani.

Getting ready for her upcoming wedding - Katherine Heigl.

Jennifer Aniston is camera shy or another nose job?

David Beckham, Simon Fuller, and Carrie Underwood at the Spice Girls' concert. It's kinda cute when other celebrities are fans of celebrities. I love how involved David Beckham is.

Dania Ramirez of Heroes looks fierce, but her power is the lamest of all on the show.

Elizabeth Berkeley aka Jessie Spano living it up.

Evan Rachel Wood must be some weird 19 year old to be dating Marilyn Manson.

I love this top on Brooke Burke, but it would be a lot cuter with a wide belt (like the one that Jenny McCarthy has on).

Bai Ling - why?

Skinny shiny leather pants - Cassie.

Christina Milian who looks like Cassie is sweet looking.

I love these trousers on Christina Millian.

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Lexie said...

The second picture is Sarah Jessica Parker.