Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Fave In Jeans (Two of Them)

My Fave: It seems that Kate Moss can do no wrong in my book. Everything that she seems to effortlessly throw together looks amazing.

Unlike others like Sienna Miller that looks like she literally "threw it on" and walked out the door.

Jennifer Garner is obviously a doting mother because she is with Violet all the time. Ben Affleck looks pretty rough behind her.

Aj and Aj Michalka out and about. Those velvet/suede bell bottoms are ugly.

Where in the world does Amy Smart get all these 70s tops?

I watched the Mask last night and Cameron Diaz looked "heavier" if you can believe than she does now even though she looked great! She seemed so innocent and natural then. I also have to admit that her acting was better then, too. She's been Hollywooded now (in which she plays the same character over and over again - the neurotic blonde bombshell).

Demi Moore looks like she could their sisters in stead of mother. I wonder how they feel having a mother so beautiful?

Kirsten Dunst lights it up.

My Fave: Kate Hudson is too cute for words.

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