Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Fave Dress

Even though you can't see clearly either of Rosario Dawson or Eva Mendes' dresses, I wanted to post this picture because it looks like Eva's bump is a little bigger. I still think it's because she's bloated from lunch.

I feel like Emmy Rossum looks the same in every dress. Example A.

Example B: Emmy Rossum.

Example C: Same pose, same shade of red, same hair - Emmy Rossum.

Mischa Barton manages to wear her "pear shape" body very well.

Molly Sims looks kind of dainty here.

Again, I ask why is Michelle Trachtenberg a celebrity?

Silver is everywhere these days - Petra Nemcova.

I don't like these tight, corsette inspired dresses - Rosario Dawson.

Same 'ol Dolly Parton.

Who hasn't worn this dress? Elizabeth Hurley.

My Fave: For a second, I thought this was Minka Kelly, but it's Emmanuelle Chiqrui (spelling might not be right). Her dress is cute and flirty.

Kate Hudson usually looks well put together, but this get-up is atrocious.

I understand that ruffles are in, but not if it's parted like the red sea - Lauren Conrad. And please compare her body here to the one that was spread across Shape magazine.

I personally think Ashanti looks better in this dress than fake and annoying Heidi Montag.

Carla Guigno is what I would call normal and curvy without being obese.

Bangs don't look good on Carmen Electra nor that silly pose.

Diane Lane shows what it looks like to have class.

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