Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Fave Coat/Jacket

Anne Hathaway does winter the right way by picking the coat that is slightly longer than her dress.

Is Eva Mendes really trying to dispel those pregnancy rumors or confirm it by wearing this poncho jacket?

Katherine McPhee is one of the few celebrities that looks pretty without any make-up.

Leather bomber jackets are definitely trendy right now as seen here on annoying and fake Heidi Montag.

Wearing the trendy leather jacket, Emma Watson shows that she's almost 18 years old.

Marriage totally agrees with Ellen Pompeo. She has never looked healthier or happier.

When people choose this type of jacket to wear, I can only assume that it is very warm - Uma Thurman.

Mary J. Blige and her fur coat.

Sienna Miller's coat reminds me of a granny coat for some reason.

Marie and Priscilla Presley both look absolutely worn out.

My Fave: I love that Kate Hudson still manages to look fashionable in cold weather, but I wonder how she stays warm with a short dress and pantyhose.

Showing off her new red hair and ugly Keds heels - Mischa Barton.

Mary J. Blige and another fur coat with some funky looking boots.

Leather trimmings on Nicolette Sheridan.

Rachel Weiz looks like she can be blown away any minute because she's gotten so thin!

I love how Beyonce put a leather belt around her jacket - once again, she's showing off the tiniest part of her body.

Christina Milian looks warm and comfy here.

Way too much white - Emma Thompson.

Is that a jogger stroller that Jennifer Garner is using?

Can't stand Kathy Griffin.

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