Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Who's Who On Magazines

I just watched the season premiere of the Office last night and I have to admit that I really liked it. In the past, I have felt that the humor has been on the raunchy side, but it was not that bad. However, I wish that they would have given more details to Pam and John Krasinski's dating story instead of just jumping right into it.

Rihanna "Who Can't Dance" gracing yet another magazine cover.

No idea who this Willa Holland chick is. Reminds me of a younger Alyssa Milano.

Faith Hill still beautiful after three kids. Loved that she said something to that lady that grabbed her husband's ________. Why are some people so without class?

I'm always a little disappointed with who Shape picks to grace their covers. Heather Graham does not look like this - she's more on the rextremely thin side in real life.

The amazing Jennifer Lopez - do you all believe the pregnancy rumors?

Mariah Carey "who refuses to grow old" looking photoshopped and about the same as always. She needs to change her hairstyle or something.

Nicole Richie still getting gigs even though she's famous for being rextremely thin.

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