Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Fave LBD

Paris Hilton's LBD is okay I guess, but I love her shoes.

What is it about pockets on formal gowns? Rose McGowan putting her hand in the almost there pocket looks ridiculous!

My Fave: I absolutely love the jumper LBD look on Stacy Kiebler. In fact, I picked up mine from the tailor last week and I love it!

I really don't know what Winona Ryder is wearing underneath her black jacket, but it's good to see her resurface again.

Audrina Partridge adds some shine to the typical wrap LBD.

Jamie-Lyn Spears' LBD is my second fave.

Anyone out there actually like this self proclaimed D-List actress Kathy Griffin? I can't stand her especially after her arrogant acceptance speech about not thanking God. Does she not have any sense of respect?

Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge.

Miley Cyrus covers it all up in her LBD.

Michelle Pfeiffer is looking smoking hot for 49!

Hilary Duff has a little too much ruffles for my taste.

The beautiful and talented Heidi Klum.

I'm not sure why Hilary Swank has her own perfume and stuff, but I wouldn't buy it from her. She's not exactly what I would call beautiful.

Jessical Biel has been looking kind of pouty since dating Justin Timberlake. She should also lighten up her hair.

Crazy and rextremely thin Janice Dickenson - another woman who refuses to grow old with grace.

Adrianne Curry in boring LBD.

Great to see some meat on Christine Taylor. Her weight plummeted so low for awhile.

Except for the added pockets, Debi Mazar's LBD is plain and simple.

Will someone please tell Dita von Teese that she looks like death walking on a stick already?

Cute and casual Fergie.

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