Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Fave In Jeans

My Fave: I love this casual but cute look on Giselle Bundchen. Perfect for flying.

Jessica Alba looks healthier here. She loves the scarf look!

I don't know why, but Jessica Alba's look is not very endearing.

Yes, that's Jessica Biel with the dark hair underneath that hat.

Jennifer Connelly spending a normal day with husband Paul Bettany and son.

Alyssa Milano is starting to look fake to me. Isn't she a little young to start on the botox?

Courtney Cox normal and thin.

Cynthia Watros walking the dogs.

Elle McPherson, the original "Body" - I can totally see why.

Ellen Pompeo doesn't look too rextremely thin to me here on TV set.

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