Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Fave Dress

I feel like Natalie Portman got swallowed by the top half of her dress. I'm not sure who the designer is, but I feel like he's running out of ideas when he created this dress.

Why does Natalie Portman insist on wearing dress that makes her look so drabby and shapeless?

Sienna Miller's dress got eaten by the silver ivy.

Victoria Beckham in yet another tight bridesmaid dress (for Ugly Betty's Willeimma Slater's wedding).

I'm sorry, but I hope Dita von Teese and Victoria Beckham look at this photo and think, "I've got to look more human!"

Emmy Rossum has matured into a beautiful woman who actually has curves now!

Crazy and blonde Heather Graham in an ugly dress.

Holy Smokes! Heidi Klum looks rextremely thin here!

Jessica Simpson smiles at Operation Smile.

Poor choice of a dress for Kirsten Dunst. Either that or she needs to have better posture.

I feel like if you're going to wear white or (off-whtie), it should just be one color. Jennifer Connelly's ginormous flower on the dress only draws attention to it and it's not a good one.

Adrianne Curry proves to me that tall women should not date short men. It just looks so ridiculous.

Audrina Patridge in a very conservative looking dress. She's pretty thin.

Cate Blanchet mixes Greek and modern day in this dress.

My Fave: Elizabeth Hurley's dress would make a great spring or summer bridesmaid dress.

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