Friday, October 5, 2007

Maternity Fashions

Jennifer Lopez has not confirmed her rumored twins pregnancy, but this picture (if it is not photoshopped) either shows that JLo has been blowing off her diet or she is with child.

Milla Jovovich said that she has gained 70 pounds for this pregnancy. I assumed she would gained a lot of weight because she's a model. Models are used to always dieting and not really eating. Once they are pregnant, they assume that they really are eating for two. In case of models, this is probably true. An average woman probably should only gain between 25-35 pounds although I gained over 40 for both of my pregnancies.

Milla Jovovich does look big! Reminds me of Kate Hudson when she pigged out during her pregnancy, too. And like Kate Hudson, Milla will probably go an extreme work out regimen and strict diet to lose her weight.

Still can't believe Nicole Richie will be a mom.

I do like Nicole Richie's maternity choices though. Very classy and chic.

Christina Aguilera, on the other hand looks about the same before she got pregnant. Too much make-up and dresses like trailer trash.

I'm sorry but the red lipstick has to go. What's up with her eye lashes?

I imagine Halle Berry will also balloon up during her pregnancy because she's claims to still wear the same jeans she wore when she was 15! She's 41 now! That's just ridiculous! Or there's an eating disorder of some kind.

Halle Berry said that she's afraid her kid will turn out "ugly" on Oprah and that she kept all 35 of her negative pregnancy tests. Is that clean?

Isla Fisher has definitely gotten GINORMOUS!

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