Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Fave LBD

My Fave: I don't know why I love this LBD on Rachel Evan Wood. The puffed sleeves reminds me of Anne of Green Gable when she excitedly exclaimed to Matilda that she wanted a "puffed sleeved dress!" I guess it makes you look more feminine.

I absolutely adore Robin Wright-Penn, but she's gone MIA since being married to Sean Penn. She has obviously kept herself in great shape.

Don't you just feel like Sarah Michelle Gellar has lost some of her "oomph" or something? Her look is a little off.

What is the deal with the snake as a belt? It looks awful, but I guess it's Tara Reid. Since when would she know how to choose tastefully?

Heidi Klum does it right all the time.

Jennifer Morrison looks like a tied up dress.

Kate Beckinsale has not been in any movies lately, but she still manages to shine.

Nikki Hilton looking a tad bit casual here.

Kristin Davis looking plain and boring.

I love this dress also on Rachel Bilson.

This dress is actually not that bad, but Beyonce Knowles isn't wearing it well. Maybe the added pounds is not helping it?

When you are older and not sporting a smoking bod like you used to, maybe it's time to put away the tight dresses. I'm not saying Gloria Estefan is fat, but she's got bulges sticking out and that's always a good sign to wear looser dresses.

Ivana Trump continues to prove that she's got class.

Ivana Trump looks like she starved herself into this dress because she's looking rextemely thin.

Plain and simple in LBD, Jessica Alba.

Not feeling Amanda Byne's weird hem line.

What happened to Adrianna Lima's face?

Alyson Hannigan mismatches this dress with boots. It would have looked way better with stilettos.

Designers should stop trying to make women's dresses into a tux because it looks awful and Amanda Peet's scowl seems to agree.

Love the leather bomber jacket on Ashlee Simpson.

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